Camp Classes & Descriptions

Archery -Shooters to the Line!

This is an introductory course teaching the fundamentals of archery with an emphasis on safety. Students in this class will also have the opportunity to sign up for an exciting 3D archery session at our wilderness archery circuit that will take place during one of the afternoon recreation periods (limited space available).
This class is instructed by a Certified Archery Instructor.

Grab a paddle and a PFD and have fun learning the basics of canoeing and watercraft safety. Participants must pass the swim test to take this class.
Campers age 12 and up may participate in an off-site canoe trip down the James River which will be offered during the Thursday afternoon recreation period. (Signed parental consent form required)

Nature & Forestry
Venture out into woods for an exciting and hands on experience. Campers will have the opportunity to collect specimens from the creek, learn about and touch reptiles and amphibians, and dig through the dirt looking for various critters while learning about the natural wonders of the world!.

Nature Crafts
In this class campers will have the opportunity to participate in lots of hands-on nature related crafts while also learning about animals and the environment. Some activities include track making, birdfeeders, painting, and lots more. Make sure to turn your imagination on for this class, because we will be using our surroundings for inspiration!

Low ropes
In this fun and physically active course, campers will put their skills to the test to complete challenging tasks and negotiate the obstacles and elements of the low challenge course. Through a series of teambuilding activities participants will gain self confidence, learn valuable cooperation and communication skills, and most importantly have fun! Closed-Toe shoes required for this course (no sandals or flip-flops)

High Challenge or Climbing Tower
Participants will learn safety techniques, belaying skills, develop self confidence and teambuilding skills, all while climbing to new heights. Campers will have the opportunity to learn the techniques of rock climbing at the Climbing Tower or traverse the 7-station High Ropes Course and travel down the zip line at a height of nearly 30 feet. Participants must be 12 years of age by the start of camp to enroll. This course is offered twice daily and is limited to 12 participants. Closed-Toe shoes and long pants required for this course.

Outdoor Living Skills
This course is an introduction to the basic principles of outdoor living and camping skills. Through fun and hands-on activities campers will cover topics such as how to pitch a tent, animal tracking, shelter building, planning a day hike or overnight camping trip, and basic orienteering. Participants will also have the opportunity to participate in an on-site over night wilderness camping trip on Thursday night

Ready, Aim, Fire. Campers in this class will learn the fundamentals of firearms safety and basic rifle marksmanship including aiming, shooting positions and proper firing techniques using .22 caliber rim-fire rifles.
This class is instructed by a Certified Rifle Instructor.

Beginning Swimming
In this class campers will gain confidence and learn to feel comfortable in the water. Campers will first learn how to float and enjoy the water and then gradually begin to develop basic swimming skills and learn their first strokes. This class is full of water games and fun activities focused on developing and advancing the skill level of all beginner swimmers!

Intermediate / Advanced Swimming
The goal of this class is to build upon campers basic swimming skills by providing additional guided practice. To enter this level students must be able to swim 15 yards independently. In this class students will learn to coordinate the front and back crawl strokes, begin orientation to deep water, refine key strokes, and be introduced to the butterfly stroke, open turns and diving. And don’t forget the games!

Theatrical Arts
Lights, Camera, Action! Show your dramatic side while learning techniques of the performing arts including costuming, improvisation, and the use of props. Develop your skills and talents in this class designed to increase self-confidence as well as positive group interaction. And did we mention its fun! Campers will have the opportunity to participate in a weekly talent show! .

Leather Craft
Hammer, stamp, stain and be creative! Leather craft gives you the opportunity to use leather to create just about whatever you want from wallets to bookmarks and key chains to belts. This highly active and creative crafts class lets campers use their imagination to develop skills and possibly a hobby to last a lifetime. Fun for all ages!

Teen Life or CIT
This class is designed especially for teens and will be structured as a discussion group led by one of the Camp Program Staff. It will focus on current events and topics such as “Life after high school”, “Peer relationships”, “Becoming a leader”, and other teen related issues.
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