Meet the 2013 Summer Staff

Staff Coordinator  

Hi there! I am your friendly, neighborhood Badge and I will be returning to Holiday Lake for another summer! This year marks my fourth year on summer staff, third year as the Staff Coordinator, and fourteenth year of camping overall. I am so excited to be back in action! Some weeks, I will be teaming up with your local extension agents to teach the Counselor-In-Training (CIT) class. How many of you enjoy the camp store? That is another one of my camp projects! You can find me there stocking the shelves and getting ready to open up shop. I look forward to meeting new faces and reconnecting with old friends. Whether this is your first or fiftieth summer at Holiday Lake, there is something fun for everyone! We have a great bunch this year and I promise the 2013 Summer Staff will give you unforgettable memories that will last your whole life through. "The hearts I have touched will be the proof that I leave, that I made a difference and this world will see...I WAS HERE." Let's make some memories, folks! Annnnnnd . . . we're camping!
“I know you wanna leave me, but I refuse to let you go!” I am 8-Track aka Ocho Tracke’ aka 8-Thug aka The Staffer Formerly Known as 8-Track. I am a Junior at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, where I am studying Communications with a concentration in Public Relations. I am returning for this summer to the Holla Holla as the Riflery Instructor. I look forward to making a positive, lasting impact on the campers, teens, and adults. 'HOLLA'WOOOOOD, 'HOLLA'WOOD SWINGIN! 
Leather Craft  
Hello All! My name is Chopper, aka: “Princess Chopper!” For those who did not know I am being crossed trained this year with not only Leather Crafts but also Performing Arts. I am so excited for this to be my 3rd year on staff! YIPEE! I live in Nelson County Virginia but graduated from Amherst County High School. I am currently in my senior year of schooling at West Liberty University in West Virginia. I have been a diehard 4Her for about 15+ years… This camp has not only taught me leadership skills but how to truly love children. My job has inspired me to work with kids when I get out of school and that truly is a blessing within itself. “Children are truly blessings in disguise.” I live by this motto: “Be the example you want others to imitate.” Let your actions speak louder than your words! Practice what you teach. Well, can’t wait for this year! See you soon! Princess Chopper Out (Pshhh!)

High Ropes  
Chedda Fresh is the name and High Ropes is the game. Since Cloverbud Camp in 1996, Holiday Lake just hasn't been the same. Okay, enough with the rhyming. Holiday Lake 4-H Educational Center is my home and I can't imagine spending my summers anywhere else. For that reason, this summer marks my 17th year of 4-H involvement and my second year on staff. After graduating from Lynchburg College in May with a Bachelor's of Arts in Communication Studies, I plan to devote my entire summer to you, the campers, teens, and adult volunteers! After all, we're all one big family! Come visit me on the ropes course or smile at me when I point my camera your way. Say, "Cheese!" and keep it fresh!

Performing Arts  

Hey y’all, I’m Jiffy and I’m gonna make this real quick! ;) I’m the Performing Arts instructor here at Holiday Lake, but I will also be cross-training in Leather Crafts. I am SO excited to be teaching for my second year on staff! I’m from Lynchburg, but I got my 4-H roots by camping with Campbell County! I’m graduating from CVCC with an Associate’s Degree in Education and I will be attending Longwood University in the fall! I am an English Secondary Education major and a Theatre minor and I hope to teach both, at the high school level! I have always loved 4-H, and it has become a piece of me! I just love it so much and I am so excited to meet all the new and returning campers! I love being at camp and I can only hope to continue “To make the best better.” I cannot wait to see all you campers, teens, and adults this summer! Peace out everybody, 4-H for life! :)
Advanced Swimming 
What's up everybody, my name is Ratchet and I hope y'all remember me because I am returning for my second year on staff! I will be teaching Advanced Swimming this summer and I am so psyched! I am currently a sophomore at Virginia Tech studying Conservation and Recreation Management. I had an amazing time last summer on staff and I look forward to returning. 4-H has become a huge part of who I am and I can't wait to help others start thinking the same way. If you see me, don't hesitate to stop and say hello! And remember kids, YOMCO (Youth Openly Make Camp means y'all are awesome!)  
Beginning Swimming  
Hey guys! My name is Whitney and I will be teaching Beginning Swimming this summer. I am an English Major/ Theater Minor at Bridgewater College. I love cats, Johnny Depp, bows, and everything 4H. Stop on by the pool and say hey! See you this summer!!
Hi everyone! My name is Ashlynn and this summer I'll be your archery instructor! I'm so excited for my first time on summer staff and can't wait to make your summer great!! I'm a freshman at Sweet Briar College where I'm studying Musical Theatre and Dance. 4H has been a part of my life since I can remember. Can't wait to see you this summer!!! Peace out girl scout!
Pier 1  
Canoeing &  
What’s Up! My name is Nick and I’ll be teaching canoeing and kayaking this summer here at the Holla Holla! I’m a newbie to staff but no stranger to camp! I’ve been camping with Campbell County for 10 years and am super excited to be repping them this year on summer staff! I currently attend CVCC, where I am majoring in Education before transferring to Longwood University where I plan to major in Elementary Instruction. As my favorite counselor use to say “No one here at camp is a stranger, just a friend you haven’t met yet”. I take that quote to heart and believe that everyone has the potential to be friends with one another. My goal this summer is to help bridge those relationships and give everyone the opportunity to experience the joys of being a part of our 4-H family! See ya at camp!!! #4HSwerve

High Ropes  
Well hello there, my name is Sarah and I'll be 'hangin' on the ropes course this summer with Cheddar! I have been coming to Holiday Lake 4H Camp for 9 years, and I can't think of any better way to spend the summer! I'm super excited to be on staff this year and even more excited to be working alongside such an awesome group of people. I am currently a sophomore at Radford University studying vocal performance and music therapy. I hope to one day be a music therapist/opera singer/world traveler. See ya at camp!!
Live, Laugh, Love, try new things, and have fun! Camping is as simple as that.
"In all things of the nature, there is something of the marvelous." -Aristotle
Low Ropes  
Why hello, there! My name is Alexandria and I’ll be teaching low ropes this summer. I am currently majoring in Environmental Science and minoring in Leadership Studies at Christopher Newport University. I like Batman, Peter Pan, and coffee. I've been going to camp every year since I was five years old and I've loved every second of it. It’s my first year as a staff member and I’m super pumped for camp so I can see all of your smiling faces!
“The moment you doubt whether you can fly, you cease forever to be able to do it.”
–J.M. Barrie - Peter Pan

Hey everyone! My name is Taylor and I will be the Camp EMT this summer. I am a sophomore Business Administration/International Relations double major at Lynchburg College. I love sports, hunting, and exercising, and just being outside in general. This is my first year on staff and at the HL4H camp, and I'm excited to be a part of such an amazing group. See y'all this summer!
Chicken Little  
Natural Resource Education
Hi, my name is Tamara and I have been the Natural Resource Education Coordinator at Holiday Lake 4-H Educational Center for almost 6 years. I graduated in 2004 from Georgia Southern University with a B.S. in Tourism and Commercial Recreation. During summer camp I usually teach Nature and Nature crafts. I have taught leather craft as well as low ropes, but this year I will be alternating weeks with Freakshow, teaching OLS and Nature!! I can’t wait to see you and explore the 4-H Center to discover all of the critters living here!
Freak Show  
Program Assistant  
"Aloha! Freak Show here. I am the Program Assistant here at the lake. I worked 3 summers on staff and now I work here full time. I am super excited about working with the new and returning staff this summer. They are all a bunch of goofballs and make the perfect team to make this summer an unforgettable one. 4-H Camp is the greatest place on earth! The average person laughs 10 times a day, but at camp we laugh 100 times a day! You'll find me out in the woods or in the Nature Room this summer. Chicken Little and I are teaming up to teach Outdoor Living Skills and the Nature class this summer. Its going to be one awesome summer you'll never forget."
Program Director  
Well hello there! I’m Salmon and I’m the Program Director. I fell in love with this place at a very young age and it’s hard to believe that this will be my ninth summer being part of the HL4-H family. Words cannot describe how excited I am about this summer! I know it’s going to be one to remember.
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