2010 Parental Questionnaire

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Dear 4-H Camper Parents,
  We hope that your child has had or will have a great week of camp! The Unit 4-H Office and Holiday Lake 4-H Educational Center take pride in making camp a place where your child can grow and learn while having an amazing experience. Over the years studies have been conducted that suggest that your child participating in camp provides him or her an opportunity to develop more independence, more responsibility, and better decision-making skills, all while having fun.

  Your 4-H Center has been in operation since 1940, serving as a 4-H Camp each summer and providing specialty camps during the rest of the year. We are working to ensure those services are available to you and your family for another 70 years! However as with any business or agency, the current recession has forced the 4-H Center’s administration and Board of Directors to scrutinize budgets, debt load and future plans.

  After this assessment of current cost and educated projections of future cost for 4-H camp, we realize that the 4-H Center is currently subsidizing each camper at the Center $40 per week. The conclusion has been made that camp fees will be raised in order to continue offering the wonderful youth development experience that is 4-H camp. Increased costs for food, electricity, fuel and upkeep of the existing facility must be addressed.

  We ask that you take a few minutes to complete the attached questionnaire, either on-line or by mail, to help the 4-H Center Board of Directors determine the best course in closing the cost gap. To do so online, please go to web address. To mail it in, simply fill it out the attached questionnaire and mail it to the address at the bottom of the questionnaire.
  We appreciate your time and assistance in continuing the 4-H Camp experience and tradition.

Online Questionnaire| Printable Questionnaire
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