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Join us for our brand-new home school days, catered to learners 9-13 years old. All programs run 10AM-2PM (12 PM Picnic Lunch break -bring your own)

Please register at least one week prior to session. 

Per Class Price: $10 

4 Classes/Half Semester Price: $35
8 Classes/Full Semester Price: $65

Sibling Discount
4 Classes/Half Semester Price:
8 Classes/Full Semester Price: -$10




  • September 13th: Canoeing & Aquatic Ecology
    Paddle through the last of summer, and learn all about the critters that call Holiday Lake home!
  • October 11th: Climbing Wall & Ornithology
    Get a bird's eye view! From the heights of the climbing wall to the nests in the under brush, this lessons all about birds.
  • November 8th: Wilderness Surivival & Forest Ecology
    What do the woods have in store for you? Learn some of the keys to wilderness surivial, and explore some of the largest state forest in Virginia!
  • Decemeber 13th: Winter Craft & Winter Wildlife Ecology
    It might be cold outside, but that doesn't mean it's boring! Warm up with a craft, then go outside for a peek at what happens in the woods when it's too chilly for people!
  • February 14th : Herpetology & Meteorology
    Get to know our reptiles and their wild cousins, and then explore why and how we get seasonal changes and the weather patterns that come with those changes.
  • March 13th: Archery & Mammology
    Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! What do they all have in common? Learn about all things mammailian before you take to the archery range!
  • April 9th: Riflery & Water Chemistry
    How do April showers affect our lake? Test the waters yourself! We'll also take a trip to our rifle range to learn proper gun safety and hone your shooting skills.
  • May 8th: Challenge Course & End of Year Party
    We made it! Come celebrate with a morning of fun and challenges on our low ropes course, and enjoy an end of year picnic with our new friends!

Refund Policy

No refunds, unless canceled by the 4-H Center

Our Mission

Holiday Lake 4-H Educational Center's mission is to improve the quality of life through educating youth and adults in a natural setting.

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