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 The 48 Scholarship Winners are:

Airfield Conference Center and Southeast 4-H Educational Center

Jackson Hite (Surry)                                                                     

Timberly Scott (Surry)                                                                 

Stihl Scott (Surry)                                                                         

Grace Gillette (Southampton) 

Christian Williams (Southampton)                                           

Callie Rose (Isle of Wight)                                                            

Mariah Walker (Dinwiddie)                                                         

Nyleigha Johnson (VA Beach)                                                     


Holiday Lake 4-H Educational Center

Robert Watson (Campbell)                                                       

Abigail Bogar (Campbell)                                                           

Rodrique Lee (Campbell)                                                                           

Massey Fulks (Mecklenburg)                                                   

Payton Bruce (Charlotte)                                                             

Dakota Briggs (Appomattox)                                                      

Tylen Tatum (Mecklenburg)                                                       

Jeremiah Mayhew (Mecklenburg)                                                                           


Jamestown 4-H Educational Center

Ayden Wyatt (Chesterfield)                                                     

Jude Worrell (Hampton)                                                            

Serenity Thomas Chesterfield)                                                  

Marlene Sarver (Chesterfield)                                                   

Devin Williams (Richmond)                                                         

Shreyas Koirala (Chesterfield)   

Owen Johnson (Hampton)                                                          

Hannah Munce (Poquoson)                                                        


Northern Virginia 4-H Center

Daisy Gay (Madison)                                                                   

Laina Lewis (Madison)                                                                

Thea Lewis (Madison)                                                                

Travis Johnson (Madison)                                                         

William Johnson (Madison)                                                      

Jerry “JJ” Bright (Madison)                                                       

Rylan Phillips (Madison)                                                            

Daelynn Fincham (Madison)                                                    


Southwest Virginia 4-H Educational Center                                                        

Abriella Kinard (Smyth)                                                                

Xavier Patterson (Smyth)                                                             

Eli King (Smyth)                                                                               

Sage Richardson (Smyth)                                                             

Willow Weaver (Smyth)                                                               

Alyssa Delp (Carroll)                                                                       

Hunter Lineberry (Carroll)                                                            

Talon Henley (Carroll)   


W.E. Skelton Educational Conference Center

Ezra Sheppard (Giles)                                                                                    

Brock Neice (Giles)                                                                         

Braeden Trent (Giles)                                                                    

Byron Woodson (Franklin)                                                          

Ethan Wheeler (Giles)                                                                   

Skylar Fulk (Bedford)                                                                     

William Palmer (Bedford)                                                            

Landon Montgomery (Henry)


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Our Mission

Holiday Lake 4-H Educational Center's mission is to improve the quality of life through educating youth and adults in a natural setting.

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